4G Car Tracking Device Fleet Tracking Device

Model: ES-353A

Date:2022-05-24 / Popularity: / Source:未知

4G Vehicle Tracking Device  Fleet Tracking Device Motorcycle Bike Vehicle Car GPS Tracking Device For Vietnam India Indonesia the Philippines Simcom 7670

Product Features:
1. Real time tracking,vibration alarm, movement alarm, overspeed alarm,Power failure alarm,GEO-Fence,Historical Route Playback;
2. Input operating voltage:9-95VDC;
3. GPS/LBS Real-time location,PC Website platform, mobile APP and Wechat for tracking.
4. Support SMS command for location info; Remote control circuit.
5. ACC ignition detection,Vehicle status indication.
6. Built in backup battery(optional),will alram when Illegal shear cables;
7. Support Historical track and route inquiry for 180 days;
8. Over speed alarm support on the platform;
9.Support the WEB arming and disarming.




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