Corporate Culture


In the process of building enterprise, to cultivate a "sincere, professional, service, innovation," the spirit, with this spirit, has made remarkable achievements, but also formed its own corporate culture. Every year on a regular basis to all employees comprehensive training, to enhance the professional quality of staff, enhance the sense of ownership we consciousness.
ESINO corporate culture
The spirit of enterprise: sincere professional services innovation
Enterprises desire: to become excellent integrators China Smart Garments Industry
Enterprise Mission: people-oriented, process quality, worry free
Corporate slogan: Let intelligence be a temptation in order to maintain a high standard of design, often hire masters held lectures, forums, guide designers continue to learn the international forefront of design concepts and techniques; in order to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction from the fundamental sense of contempt Carolina , also took the initiative to carry workers' occupational skills training. In addition, the FATF annual staff attend Outward Bound training, tourism and other forms of outdoor activities. Through these activities fully stimulate the employee's personal potential, enhance the team strength, cohesion and creativity, so that employees understand cooperation and competition came to realize the importance of trust, responsibility and cooperation, realize the enormous power of the team.
Standards, norms, fast, user-friendly, the new service experience
We provide:
Standardized service model, standardized service management, efficient service, personalized service experience.
By providing comprehensive, timely, scientific solutions to problems and service support for our customers to bring new and warm service experience, truly intelligent.
We are determined to: integration of international advanced standards, establish a new industry standard of service, to create a well-known service brand, and take practical action to overcome the impossible. Dedication to customer service, innovation and excellence. OR More Contact Info →

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